The Virtues of Gaming Conventions

Video gaming is becoming increasingly prevalent these days, which is a far cry (and I don’t mean the Ubisoft title) for decades past, where video games were a niche market and “nerds” were bullied for expressing their interest in games. Now, The Big Bang Theory is a highly rated sitcom. ‘Nuff said. However, it’s still not for everyone, and so it can sometimes seem like a lonely hobby. That said, that’s what conventions are for. Gaming conventions are a great way to meet with kindred gaming spirits and be with your people for a change. If you’re interested in this prospect, you may be hesitant to commit to a convention for various reasons, but rest assured, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Here are some tips to make for the smoothest trip possible.

Assuming you’re going to travel a long way, you’re going to want to book a hotel room and a flight. On top of that, you may need a rental car, depending on where you’re staying. Online services like Priceline to book your transportation and accommodations and save some money in the process. Make sure to book everything well in advance, of course. Make sure to pack the essentials, like enough clothes for an outfit per day and some extras, as well as toiletries like a toothbrush, some toothpaste, and deodorant, as well as feminine hygiene products as needed.

Another element of conventions that can turn many of us away, myself included, is the double edged sword that is any social setting. While you want to meet like minded people, you may not want to meet people. Social anxiety in a nutshell. However, conventions provide a great way to beat this anxiety in the form of cosplay. You can simply dress up as a favorite character to stand out and blend in all at once. This is sure to reduce your anxiety and allow you to have fun.