Easy Ways Disassemble your Ps4

All eyes are on PS4 Pro, the newer, faster, sleeker brother of Sony’s best brainchild yet in the consoleverse. Bothe the gamers with and without a PS4 are eyeing on this one with high hopes but until it hits the market, the original PS4 will have to do.
The original PS4 is by no means, a slower machine compared to its bigger brother PS4 Pro. It did have a few issues in its earlier batches, most notably the Blue Light of Death (BLoD) errors, but that’s history because Sony was quick to take notes and make amends.
However, we do understand that it’s been nearly three years since the launch and the console is aging and like everything that ages, it is becoming more prone to health issues, and by that I mean anything from overheating to the hard drive’ capacity running out.
If your PS4 is out of warranty like mine, it’s going to sound relieving to you that this baby is easy to disassemble. You heard me. If you’ve been thinking to take it to an official store just so you can have the storage device changed, don’t! It’s so easy to do it yourself, anyone with a little know-how about electronic devices or common hardware tools can pull it off. This is how!

How to Unscrew PS4
The only way to unscrew it once it’s metaphorically screwed may be to take it to a gaming console repair shop, but in this case, you can just turn it upside down to reveal Torx screws. Taking the screws off, you can immediately gain access to its Blu-ray drive and beyond that, lies that well-known octacore Jaguar processor sitting atop it sturdy motherboard.
On the other side of this board, lies USB 3.0 hub controller, HDMI chip and a system-on-chip that takes care of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and FM radio.

To Swap Hard Drive
But you aren’t super-techie and want to only get the drive swapped with that new 2TB drive you just bought, right? That’s even easier. What if I told you Sony may already have foreseen this? I guess they did and that’s why all you have got to do to access that panel is to remove the glossy cover on the left (the one with logo) and a pair of screws. Do that right and you’ll be staring at the drive carriage in the next couple of minutes. (Note that in the newer builds, the cover on the left is not glossy anymore.)
With that said, it should now be a walk in the park to replace the old 500 GB drive with a new, powerful and bigger drive. Once the new drive is in place, you can just put the cover back on and in the next few minutes, turn on your PS4 to enjoy the games you weren’t able to house in your old drive. (So long space constraints!) Happy hunting fellow gamers.
One last thing I’d like to add is that if you have no knowledge about the system and want to do more than just a drive upgrade, then I suggest you take it to a gaming console repair shop. A third party game console repair store comes in handy in these circumstances since these shops don’t charge too much. Gaming console repair store is also a smart option if you’re having issues with your PS4 like overheating or drive not working.