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Horizon Zero Dawn Guide To Got Level Up Quickly

Every player has a different style and way of playing games. Some players like to experience the game and everything it has to offer, while some players try to complete the game as soon as possible. This guide will help you level up your character in the game as quickly as possible. Allowing you to achieve a high level at a very early part of the game. There are several different ways for you to level up faster.

You will level up just by playing through the game, however, this guide will help you reach a high level very quickly. How To Level Up Quickly In Horizon Zero Dawn: In Horizon Zero Dawn, there are tons of ways to level up your character quickly. One of the ways of gaining some XP is by completing tutorials. Whenever you pick up new gear, you will go into a tutorial. You can skip it if you want, but completing it will give you XP.

One of the best ways to level up is by complete all the side-quests. There are several activities, aside from the Main Quests, that can reward you with tons of XP. You can clear the Corrupted Zones, and Bandit Camps which will give you XP. However, before you take on a side-quest, make sure you check the level requirement. Some of these quests can be very tough if you don’t meet the requirements. Another effective way to earn XP is by being versatile in how you play the game. This means that you should always try something new and different.

In Horizon Zero Dawn, you not only get XP by killing an enemy, but you also get rewarded for how you kill it. Killing enemies in different ways can grant you a lot of XP. You might not get tons of XP at once, but this method can earn you a lot in the long run. READ Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.02 Is Live, Adds Performance Mode With 30 FPS Lock Hopefully this guide helped you level up quickly in Horizon Zero Dawn. We are just a few hours away from the game’s release on the PlayStation 4.

News Niantic Somehow Found a Way to Ruin Pokemon Go Events

I’ve talked a whole lot about how much I both love and hate Pokemon Go. The app was a literal game changer when it launched back in July of 2016, resulting in millions of people running around, trying to catch digital creatures with their phones. It was a magical experience in a lot of ways, but then everything went wrong. Some of these screw ups were the fault of the developer, Niantic, some weren’t. Today Niantic has found something that keeps people playing and paying for the game: Pokemon Go events. But they’ve also somehow found a way to screw these up.

Pokemon Go events began late last year with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s events. Each of these was fun in their own way, while they often had some minor flaws that caused headaches, while still remaining entertaining. For example, the Halloween event gave us massively increased spawns of otherwise rare Pokemon, such as Gastly and Cubone, along with increased candy for use in the game.

However, the spawn increase was a bit much, and as the Pokemon Go event dragged on for more and more days, players kind of got tired of only seeing the event Pokemon in the wild. Others spawned, but the increase for the event-specific was so high that it got a little tiring. It was still a fun event, and definitely got more players back into the game on a daily basis.

They learned from this mistake though, and later events, such as the one where more starter Pokemon were spawning, were fantastic all around. So how could they mess this up? By making Pokemon Go events rely on where you live.

The recent Valentine’s Day Pokemon Go event was the first to see this problem. With past events where spawns were increased, the increase happened worldwide, regardless of if you would normally see Pokemon of this type. This was not true for Valentine’s Day, where rare Pokemon like Chansey and Porygon were supposed to be more available. They were for areas where they would normally spawn, but if you had never seen a Chansey or Porygon before, you likely still hadn’t once the event ended.

This issue is being repeated once again with the Pokemon Day event, which gives players a chance to catch a party hat wearing Pikachu. Pretty much everyone expected this to follow the trend set by the Christmas event, which saw similar Santa hat wearing Pikachu spawning everywhere. Maybe they were a bit too common, but that’d be better than what we have today. If Pikachu was rare for you before, he’s still rare for you during this event, and the chance of you catching one is minimal, unless you go specifically hunting for him at a verified nest or something.

“But Pokemon Go should make you work!” Sure, fictional person whose argument I just made up, you’re right. Pokemon Go is all about making you, well, go somewhere. But near me and millions of other players Pikachu is a rare sight, usually warranting a sprint across the park if he shows up on the still abysmal tracker. With only a week to get one of these guys, I’ve all but given up hope on catching one. And if I do, he’ll likely have terrible IVs, making for a Pikachu that’s not worth the candy investment to turn into Raichu.

Overall this Pokemon Go event is a dud for me and many other players. Others have been great, leading to me getting back into the game in a big way. I’m just hopeful that this and the Valentine’s Day events are exceptions, and not the new rule.

Now Avatar Game In The Works By Ubisoft And Massive Entertainment

Ubisoft has now announced that developer Massive Entertainment, known for their work on 2016’s The Division, are now working on a new game based in James Cameron’s Avatar universe. The developer is spearheading this project in collaboration with James Cameron’s production company Lightstorm Entertainment and Fox Interactive.

According to Ubisoft, this new game will be heading to both the PC and consoles, and will make use of Massive’s Snowdrop engine, the very same engine used in The Division and the upcoming South Park: The Fractured But Whole, to bring the unique atmosphere and wildlife of Pandora to life. In fact, it was after seeing a Snowdrop-run prototype of the game, that James Cameron and Lightstorm Entertainment even agreed to the partnership in the first place.

James Cameron himself had this to say about the project, “What impressed me about Massive were the group’s passion for this project, and the power of its Snowdrop engine. With the power of [Snowdrop], and the team’s passion and obsessive focus on detail, we know they’re the right group to bring the beauty and danger of Pandora to life.”

As of now though, not much else in known about the game except the brief announcement trailer released by Ubisoft.

The Horizon Zero Dawn All Power Cell Locations

In Horizon Zero Dawn you must find all 5 Power Cell Locations and bring the Cells to the Ancient Armory to get the secret Shield Weaver Outfit.

Doing this unlocks the trophy “Got the Shield-Weaver outfit” (Recovered an ancient technology and put it to use).

The Power Cells are found in mission areas but you can go back and get them later. The missions areas are locked until you reach a certain point in the story. You can still free roam after beating the story and collect everything after the game ending.
To save some time it would be best if you pick them up during the main quests. If you die you must pick them up again, they are not saved instantly (must reach next checkpoint). The power cells have a green icon which makes them easier to spot.

If you have trouble reaching a location there’s an easy trick: Hover over the area on the world map and press D-Pad Down to see the different layers. Put a marker by pressing X at the same location as the video shows. Now in Game Settings (press Options-Button) turn on “Waypoint Pathfinding”. This makes it so you get a new waypoint every few meters to guide you through buildings. This is especially useful for the second Power Cell on the 12th floor of Maker’s End.
If you get them during the story just follow the main quest markers and you’ll get to the areas automatically.

#1 – Area: All Mother (Main Quest: The Womb of the Mountain) – 0:05
It’s in a side room on the right side after waking up in the mountain (1st floor). Crouch through the hole in the wall to reach it. If you miss it this area gets locked until beating main quest “The Heart of the Nora” which is at the end of the story.

#2 – Area: Maker’s End (Main Quest: Maker’s End) – 0:52
At the very top of the tower (12th floor).

#3 – Area: The Grave-Hoard (Main Quest: The Grave Hoard) – 1:52
3rd floor, after solving the ring puzzle to open the locked door. It’s behind the locked door, you’ll walk right into it. You have to open this door and do the puzzle as part of the story, very easy to locate this one.

#4 – Area: GAIA Prime (Main Quest: The Mountain That Fell) – 3:42
3rd floor, after you go through the first part of the building you’ll come outside and have to rapel down. BEFORE you rapel down, jump down to the left on the rocks and it’s in the hidden purple area.

#5 – Area: Ruins (Free Roam) – 4:23
These are the ruins from the prologue of the game, where young Aloy fell down. Now that she’s grown up, one of the doors can be pried open with the spear. When looking at the map it’s on the 1st floor in the purple area at the bottom right corner.

Unlocking Shield Weaver Outfit in Ancient Armory:

After finding all 5 Power Cell Locations head back to the Ancient Armory Bunker. It’s marked as a side quest. Insert the 5 power cells, solve the ring puzzle and take the armor. In inventory open the Shield-Weaver Outfit Treasure Box and equip the armor. This unlocks the trophy.
This armor is extremely powerful and renders you completely invincible until it starts flashing red. It absorbs every type of damage, even falling damage. When it turns red go into cover for a few seconds to make it recharge. You can take quite a lot of damage before it gets red. Makes the game much easier.